Baking Contest


Jack Knox, columnist for the Times Colonist, lover of all things Metchosin and apple pie, will be our “Celebrity Judge” this year. So, get ready for a fun experience at Metchosin Day 2018 baking contest. Ribbons (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be awarded to winners in each Category and Sub-category, and in each age group. Winners of all ages are eligible to win prizes in the following categories:

Prize Categories 

  • Best in Show (could be cake or pie)
  • Spirit of Metchosin Award (cake or pie that best captures “us”, e.g.. local ingredients, nature, representation of common sights such as sheep, trees, beaches…)
  • Prettiest Pie
  • Best Theme Cake (or Cupcakes)
  • First Timer award (if you are over 18 years of age and have never entered a baking contest before, now’s the chance to have your courage rewarded) 

Thank you to Telus for sponsoring the Baking and Pie Contest this year!


  • All submissions must be made from scratch
  • Decoration must be edible
  • Entries requiring refrigeration will not be accepted. (Health regulations)
  • Disposable pie pan or cake “plates”preferred. The use of disposable plates and pie tins facilitates the clean-up process, and prevents loss or damage to re-usable cake/pie plates. Thank you for considering our request.
  • Entry must be delivered to Metchosin Council Chambers the morning of September 9, 2018 between 9:30-11:00. (Heads up: road entrance to Council Chambers blocked after 10 am. After 10 am, contestants should park in the lot off of Rocky Point Road, and walk the entry to the municipal council chambers)
  • Public viewing of the cakes and pies follows judging.
  • Awards presented at 1:00. Please try to be present at this time to receive your prize and be photographed for the MUSE.
  • Junior and youth entries should be picked up beginning at 3 pm.

Categories for Adults, Junior (6-11), Youth (12-16)

Cakes: All cakes must be iced, and both cake and icing must be home made (no cake mixes or store icing). Pick your favourite flavour (chocolate, carrot, applesauce, etc.) and show us your delectable deliciousness. 

Judging Criteria: 1) 25% Overall presentation (we begin eating with the eyes) such as symmetry, decorations (if any), application of icing. 2) 50% Flavour: complementary icing/cake flavours, if ingredients added to the cake (nuts, strawberries…) do these enhance the flavour, etc. 3) 25% moistness and “crumb” of the cake. 

Themed Cakes: (These cakes differ from those above in that they are primarily judges on appearance). Each baker identifies a theme for the cake such as flowers, Super Hero, cartoon character  (not limited to these possibilities) and creates a cake/cakes representing the theme. 

Cupcakes (any flavour) 4 cupcakes submitted

Themed birthday cake (any flavour) 

Judging criteria: 1) 75% Creativity such as execution of the theme. 2)25% Good flavour and balance between cake, icing, and the decorations. 

Pies: Categories of Fruit Pies (no cream or meringue pies)



All other fruit pies, such as rhubarb, plum, peach, etc.

Judging criteria: 1)25% Overall appearance (evenness of baking, decorative pastry presentation such as lattice). 2) 25% Flakiness of pastry (as Mary Berry would say, “no soggy bottoms”) 3) 50% Flavour and balance between filling and pastry. 

Question or Concerns: please contact Martha Haylor, or 250-595-2724