Produce & Veggies

Join the “grow local” revolution and take part in the Metchosin Day Produce Contest. Ribbons for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. No pre-entry needed. Just drop off specimens at Village Centre Hall between 9:30am and 11:30am.

Produce should be entered in the categories specified below. Bring a paper plate to display produce and write your name, address and and any special info about variety, especially heritage variety.

Include age if you are a junior entry-under 12. It is so great to find as many juniors as adults entering in all categories.

Judging will take place at 2:00pm followed by awards. Produce should be picked up following the award presentation in the afternoon. Heritage varieties are MOST welcome at the festival.

Happy Growing!!

Judges – Derek Wulff and Robin Tunnicliffe


Peas, shell/snap, 6pods
Pole Bears – 3 Specimens
Cauliflower – 1 head
Broccoli – 1 head
Beets – 3 only
Carrots, bunch of 3 tied with tops
Corn, Sweet, 3 cobs, one stripped
Garlic, 3 bulbs
Onions, 3 specimens
Peppers, Hot, names, 3 specimens
Radishes, 3 specimens
Tomatoes, stems on, named, 3 only
Tomatoes, Cherry, any colour, 3 only
Squash, named variety, 1 specimen
Giant Pumpkin/Squash, named, 1 only
Longest Bean, 1 specimen
Longest Carrot, 1 specimen
Longest Zucchini
Largest Sunflower head, 1 foot stem
Largest Potato, I only
Weirdest looking vegetable, 1 only


Apples, named variety, 3 only
Pears, named variety, 3 only
Plums & prunes, 5 only
Blackberries, 5 only
Melon, named variety, 1 only

Cut Flower Arrangement

In a vase

Vegetable Basket Assortment

Representing a farm or garden


Jams & Jellies
Note: These will be judged on appearance only.

If you have any questions – Please contact Jennifer at 250-881-8280.